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Sebastian’s Way


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Book Series The Sebastian Chronicles
Genres Historical Fiction
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“It is dangerous to be right in matters where the established authorities are wrong,” said Voltaire, aptly reflecting the theme of Sebastian’s Way, a powerful tale of two men , the High King Charlemagne, “the Thunderer,” who fights and reigns like his pagan enemies, and Sebastian, an intrepid young warrior whose vision challenges the king to forge a new path to peace. A provocative plunge into the Dark Ages, here is a saga of vicious religious wars between Christian Franks and pagan Saxons, a tale of the pain of love thwarted by the rigid mores of the times, a rich and colorful medieval stew full of pageantry and filled with the authentic stock of the times: savage warriors, groundbreaking clergy, salty peasants, and plenty of memorable maidens for those who like a good romance—a realistic yet imaginative time travel back to the reign of Europe’s greatest medieval monarch.

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