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Book Series Across the World on the Wings of the Wind
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There’s nothing new about holy war. The language of the Crusades is echoed in the news of today. You can hear it in Savior, a work of historical fiction that looks both at holy war and depression through the mirror of the 13th century.

Still, it was a very different world. Imagine living in a world where depression is not regarded as a disease, but as Satan trying to steal your soul. Imagine turning to your priest who counsels you to take the Cross and to travel thousands of miles to the Holy Land to kill people so that you can be free of Satan forever. Imagine you believe this so absolutely that none of the rational arguments offered by your parents, your friends or your beloved can persuade you otherwise. Imagine that this journey costs you everything but the one thing you had hoped to lose — your life. What, from that desperate emptiness, would you find to bring back? Savior is this story.

Savior is a carefully researched work of historical fiction, novel of self-discovery, set in thirteenth century Switzerland, Palestine and Lebanon. Savior exemplifies the universal human journey of delusion, suffering, discovery, liberation, and transcendence that creates the individual.

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