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Ruby Dorn


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Genres Historical Fiction
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Ruby Dorn is the first book of an action adventure series set in 1875. 15 year old Ruby’s heartfelt narration takes the reader on a harrowing journey as she fights to survive with her tough but exasperating older sister Morain, in the Dakota Territory wilderness. They finally reach a Black Hills mining town only to find the world of man to be more dangerous by far. Sentenced to hang for defending herself, Ruby survives only by the legendary heroics of her sister. They flee. Chance encounters with old newspapers claim that Ruby is dead and has somehow become an inspirational martyr to women nationwide, but an enemy to men who are dying nationwide by the hands of these women. With two large bounties on her head, small, bookish Ruby runs from a never ending hunt punctuated by sudden, terrifying violence, all while trying to search for reasons as to why their lives have become a nightmare. Traveling by horse and train, the teenage sisters are forced to grow up fast, unable to trust anyone in a world where everything, even their identity, is a lie. In a desperate bid for answers, they finally arrive in Boston, seeking the advice of the wisest woman they can find, Winnifred Schoonover, essayist, senator’s wife, who welcomes them with open arms, until catastrophe strikes.
Book 2 Ruby Dorn WANTED is due out in 2018.

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