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Islands of Deception

Lying with the Enemy


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Genres Historical Fiction
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Peril awaits siblings Hans and Esther Bernsteen as the threat of a fascist Europe looms over 1939 Amsterdam. Separated by the choices they make, each lives a life of secrets and lies in the search for a path to survival. In a fit of temper, Esther destroys her U.S. Immigration Visa. Her brother Hans emigrates to seek his fortune in the U.S. and discovers his gift for investigation. Hans becomes a lone wolf, dropped by the U.S. Army into Axis territory with a camera, no ID, and no weapon. As a captive in Bergen Belsen, Esther seduces her SS captor from lust into love. Their twisted trails of brother and sister intersect as espionage and treachery follow them to a new home.

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