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Cat & Mouse

Two sisters fight for women's rights


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Cat and Mouse is the gripping story of two sisters fighting for women’s rights in the turbulent months before the outbreak of war in 1914.

When Sarah Becket, a militant suffragette, discovers that her own husband, a respected Liberal MP, is involved in a scandalous prostitution racket, she takes a knife from her kitchen and goes out into London’s West End, determined to protest for women’s rights in the most dramatic way she can.

Across the Irish Sea, her sister Deborah is lonely and unloved. When her soldier husband returns from abroad to join the Ulster Volunteers, she faces an agonizing choice – to end her passionate affair with James Rankin, a charismatic trade union leader, or face the loss of her beloved son. When she reads about her sister’s act of defiance, she resolves to go to her aid.

United by their cause, the two sisters combine to fight for women’s rights against both male corruption and a sinister German plot to foment civil war in Ireland.

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