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Carolina Road


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Genres Historical Fiction
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In a nation deeply divided by civil war, the Harris family of Virginia struggles to discover that the ties that bind families are more powerful than any weapons of war.

Rachel Harris, a brave woman guilt-ridden by an action that may have killed a young soldier, finds herself faced with a heart-rending decision that will affect her life forever. By an unimaginable twist of fate she discovers she’s married to two men–brothers who have sworn to kill one another across the battlefield.

Caleb and Jesse Harris differ from one another like the sun from the moon. Unionist Caleb, impatient and demanding before the war, badly wounded at Shiloh and haunted by nightmarish visions of battle, vows to change, but in Rachel’s eyes the flame of their love has died. Why then has his touch awakened such surprising emotions?

Jesse, a true Rebel Cavalier, riding with the Gray Ghost, John Singleton Mosby, only appears as a phantom in the night, but has totally captured her heart, and more importantly, fathered her son. With one offering stability, the other love and dreams, choosing between the two brothers will be the hardest decision she’s ever made and will take more courage than she believes she possesses.

With death and destruction continually marching up the Carolina Road and invading their home, the three family members must heal the divisions between them and work together in order to survive the conflict, or all will perish.

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