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Bye Baby Bunting


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Genres Historical Fiction
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While at university in New Zealand, Jemma Howell’s boyfriend Barry dies of a hereditary heart condition leaving her devastated, alone and pregnant. She can’t tell her mother in England – this is 1963 – leaving her vulnerable to coercion by well-meaning social workers to give up her child for adoption. Jemma is presented with a solution: Barry’s wealthy parents will adopt the baby. But a condition of the adoption is that Jemma will never see her child again.

Jemma cannot forget her little girl. She haunts the village where Barry’s parents live and one day she spots the baby asleep in her pram, the nanny inside a shop. Unable to stop herself and with a hammering heart, Jemma wheels the pram down the hill and away. She makes a momentous decision. Never again will she give up her baby up.

Can she do it? Keep her child and bring her up? In spite of two highly competent policeman who are determined to catch a kidnapper?

A ‘must-read’ book, Bye Baby Bunting is an emotionally compelling story that will stay with you forever.

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