Tannis Laidlaw

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Tannis Laidlaw

Now a full time writer (formally an academic researcher, a psychologist, a teacher and an occupational therapist), Tannis Laidlaw likes to spend time writing near water – she and her husband live near the Pacific Ocean in New Zealand but also spend time at a rustic cottage on the Winnipeg River in the Canadian wilderness. Recently she’s been delving into historical fiction although most books she writes are adventurous novels that include some crime.

Bye Baby Bunting
The Pumpkin Eater’s Wife
Half Truths and Whole Lies

Short Stories:
My Take on the Iron Writer Challenges 1-26 (free at Smashwords)
Life Began at Forty-One
In Celebration of Jacquie’s Separation
Obscured Vision (contribution to this anthology)
A World of Possibility (contribution to this anthology)

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