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Acre’s Orphans

Book 2 of the Lucca le Pou Stories


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Genres Historical Fiction
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Ten-Year-old Lucca the Louse narrowly escaped the worst disaster to befall the Kingdom of Jerusalem, but he’s not safe yet. His beloved but doomed city of Acre is about to fall into Saracen hands, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it.
Days after his return, he uncovers a plot to rip apart what remains of the Crusader Kingdom. Acre’s only chance lies in the last Crusader stronghold; the port of Tyre. Carrying an important secret, Lucca—accompanied by a young Lebanese girl, a leprous nun, and a Hospitaler with a dark secret—must make his way through bandit-infested wilderness to seek help. Will he find assistance for those left behind, or will it be too little, too late?
This exciting sequel to “Acre’s Bastard” is a rollicking, humorous and thrilling adventure story that stands alone, but adds to the growing legend of Lucca le Pou.

“This is a time and place that Turmel has obviously researched well, and like his first novel, Acre’s Orphan is an enjoyable read. The pacing was perfect, and I liked that even though they are surrounded by such turmoil, Turmel took the time to take the reader through each little step – nothing felt rushed or overlooked, and we were once again back in the curious environment that was the Crusader Kingdom.” Mariah Fehr, Storgy.com

“These characters breathe life from every page and made me care about what happened to them.
I highly recommend this book!” Kristen McQuinn, Discovered Diamonds

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