Wayne Turmel

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Wayne Turmel

Wayne Turmel is a Canadian-born author who lives and writes in Las Vegas. He’s been a stand-up comedian, car salesman and corporate trainer who writes both fiction and non-fiction. He’s the author of 8 non-fiction titles including “The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership” and “Meet Like You Mean It- a Leader’s Guide to Painless and Productive Virtual Meetings.”

He writes fiction to save what’s left of his sanity. His first historical fiction novel, “The Count of the Sahara,” came out in 2014 and was followed by 2 tales in the “Lucca le Pou Stories” series: Acre’s Bastard and Acre’s Orphans. All have won numerous online readers and critics awards.

Wayne also writes short fiction that has been showcased in print and online by eFiction Magazine, Twist in Time Magazine, Storgy.com and Dodging the Rain, among other places.

Learn more at his website, www.WayneTurmel.com and follow him on social media on Facebook, Goodreads, and on Twitter @WTurmel


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