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When Jessie, one of the oldest and most powerful witches in the world, joined the Witch Council over a thousand years ago, she became embroiled in politics, saving the world, and trying to keep the existence of the supernatural world a secret from humans. Now that the supernaturals are out in the open and a tentative alliance between the fae, cryptids, humans, and witches is underway, Jessie finally gets to leave it all behind to open a bar in a small town north of Atlanta where the most annoying thing on her plate is making sure the vampire groupies don’t wind up as someone’s dinner.

However, her plans for a peaceful retirement are disrupted when a gargoyle is killed in her bar. It wasn’t just any gargoyle though– it was the secretary for the European cryptid ambassador to the Alliance. Finding herself in the center of an international– and interspecies– nightmare, Jessie has to rally her allies to stop a power-hungry cabal from starting a war and destroying life as she knows it.

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