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The Woodcutter King


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Illustrator Stelladia
Genres Fantasy
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The whilom Wardens of Wudelic woods are watchers and sentinels of the wild. Their roots run deep like the oaks and elders. Proud as towering pines. Their history is as an old language etched into ruins, they are now known as the Woodcutters.

Eerie for their Ghost-lights, glowing orbs that sit on their brow, folks are not sure what to make of them. The patriarch, Alaric, is a descendant of the first Warden, having the ear of the woodland goddess, Lhodyn. She is the embodiment of all that is wild – capricious at best, vindictive at worse.

War descends over Alaric’s village as borderland marauders murder and enslave all. In reaction, Lhodyn seizes the village children and hides them within her woodland realm. Alaric is now faced with a hard choice, to remain and endure certain brutality while he searches for the young ones or flee with the remainder of his family, their best chance for survival.

The Woodcutter King is the first book in Rhitterheort Saga.

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