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The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm


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Illustrator George Evangelista
Genres Fantasy
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When a young Sasquatch is left orphaned in the woods, a lonely old farmer named Bill Jackson takes him under his wing and forms a strong bond with the friendly beast. To Bill’s delight, he discovers the Sasquatch has a special connection to nature, and over the years, they build the farm into a thriving business.

As the Sasquatch grows, he develops a love for PB&J sandwiches, shiny objects, and Latin novella soap operas. But while he embraces the human world, he sadly retires to the barn each night where he sleeps alone.

His life is changed forever when a female Sasquatch ventures onto the farm. As his worldview is blown wide open, he must decide whether he’s a human or a Sasquatch.

The Sasquatch of Jackson Farm is a fantasy story about love, heartache, family, and letting go of the ones we love the most.

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