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The Nexus Knight


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Genres Fantasy
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After two rounds in the Nexus Games, Alex Kellan has developed strange and powerful abilities, but if he wants any chance of winning, he needs more. When the Arbiter offers the teams a challenge round for arcana and magical items, Kellan leaps at the opportunity.

Separated from half his team, Kellan has to navigate a deadly maze all while escorting a kid to the finish. When the Nexus residents get involved, the challenge becomes even more complicated.

The difficulty doesn’t bother Kellan, but his competitors do. Apparently, several teams are out to use the ultimate prize to enslave other dimensions, and Kellan isn’t having any of that. In order to stop their plans, Kellan has to target certain players—the most dangerous of them all.

A litRPG thriller with high-tech magic.

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