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The Dance Between


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The fate of every life in Iaela is governed by a star. But if you’re Sevi, you live in a place where not even they can see: the Cut. Wrapping around the walls of a castle and running into the heart of a mountain, the labyrinthine, bioluminescent plant-lined tunnels of the Cut make the only home Sevi has ever known. Suffering from horrible nightmares and missing his memory, all that he understands about the outside world is that it brings death. Luckily, he has his best friend Lily—his savior and protector against the castle’s denizens called the Fablings. Invaders from a neighboring land, the Fablings killed the castle’s previous occupants and would gladly do the same to Lily and Sevi should they be discovered.

But their seclusion comes to an abrupt end when a flying ship appears bearing a human prisoner with knowledge of the Cut. Escaping through its tunnels, he quickly returns with an army, separating Sevi and Lily in the ensuing battle. Alone and exposed, Sevi is faced with a choice: inherit the fate awaiting him or make one for himself.

Inspired by the author’s experience with derealization, The Dance Between is a story of fate, choice, and discovery. Within its pages the reader will find firedrakes, guns, quicksilver, Fae, flowers, masquerades, and a fairy tale spun to ensnare the imagination of any new adult and beyond.

“The Dance Between is a wonderfully built epic fantasy akin to the Shannara books, holding everything which makes humanity so precious (and dangerous): love, sorrow, growth, loss, etc. [It is] a wonderfully built epic fantasy and I would recommend it to any fans of the genre.”—Megan Weiss, Reedsy Discovery

“In a genre that often feels recycled, Christopher Katalinas stands out from the crowded pack with a fresh storyline that is very different from anything else I’ve read. The author created an immersive and imaginative world… evoking powerful emotions in the reader. Overall, this is brilliant work, and I look forward to following the author and seeing what he comes up with next. Very highly recommended.” —Asher Syed, Reader’s Favorite

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