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The Choosing

A Captivating Christian Fantasy


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Genres Fantasy, Young Adult
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Britton Donovan is anything but ordinary. A rare soul who can remember life before birth, the brilliant autistic yearns to tell everyone about the supernatural forces he is able to see. But after being rendered mute by a toxic vaccine, the frustrated twenty-year-old fears he’ll never be able to warn the world about the coming spiritual war… until he meets a beautiful specialist whom he recognizes from the realm of light.

Asha Levi hates what the country has become. The government mandates remove all “defectives” from society, leaving the otherwise-bubbly therapist depressed and despairing. But when she takes on a voiceless client, the dedicated young woman finds a renewed spark of hope.

Improving considerably under his soulmate’s care, Britton feels joy despite the darkness he knows is coming. But just as Asha believes she can restore his dignity, a new law rounds up the neurodivergent, causing him to vanish without a trace.

With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, will this visionary hero survive long enough to protect everyone he loves?

The Choosing is the vivid first book in the Chronicles of the Shadowlands Dystopian Christian fantasy series. If you like underdog champions, embracing destiny, and spiritual warfare, then you’ll adore Teresa Holman’s powerful tale.

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