Teresa Holman

Award-winning Fantasy Author


About Teresa Holman

Teresa Holman wrote her first story for Readers Digest at the age of 9. (winning $50) Her writing is a wild ride inside a dark world, usually the one your living in. On the surface, the stories begin ever so gently, easing towards the darkness you don’t see coming. A bold, clever, imaginative creator of story; refusing to hold back the darkness of reality her stories can make you squirm. Nothing thrills her more than the gasp of a reader caught in the shock and trauma of a plot twist. Teresa lives in Texas where she hugs cows and steals eggs from chickens. (that’s the chickens’ story.)

Believing that truth is best understood inside a story, Teresa may catch you when you are not looking. It is her goal that when you close the book you will have a thousand brilliant ideas swirling through your mind…and maybe even eyes that see the world in a new color.


Books by Teresa Holman