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A twist in time mysteriously returns 40-year-old John Lennon to us in front of the Dakota in New York City in 2020. John is fascinated by the technology of our near-future world but dismayed by the political, environmental and religious turmoil he finds. This compelling action-adventure melds historical fact, fiction, and fantasy to remind us “love is the answer.” The issues John deals with in this intricate time-travel tale are hot topics right now: political discord, climate change, nuclear threats, terrorism, violence and poverty. John’s reappearance is fantastical, but Yoko, Sean, Julian, Paul and Ringo recognize him as the real deal. Follow Lennon on his poignant, humorous and world-altering escapades as he continues his quest for peace. Saint John Lennon is a thought-provoking, “can’t-put-it-down” page-turner that asks, “what if?”

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