Daniel Hartwell and Roseanne Bottone

Award-winning Fantasy Author


About Daniel Hartwell and Roseanne Bottone

Daniel Hartwell is an author, concert promoter and positive living specialist. He’s been the creator of niche events and large music festivals for many years. As a health and wellness coach promoting peace, love and balance, he encourages his clients and friends to embrace life to the fullest. The inspiration for this story came to Daniel in a dream. You can find Daniel running the beach, biking and living life out loud in South Florida.

Roseanne Bottone (a.k.a. Rosie) is a freelance writer, educator and environmentalist. She is a former Peace Corp Volunteer (Paraguay) and believes the means to world peace is through cooperation and communication. She travels the country teaching business people about environmental regulations, loves to read and swim, and lives with her family in the Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania.

Daniel and Rosie met by chance jogging on the beach.


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