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Prodigy of Thunder


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Genres Fantasy
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The youngest warlock to ever wield lightning, fourteen-year-old Anna Atticus Stone dreams of attending the prestigious Academy of Arcane Arts.

Except her life’s a mess. She’s friendless, her older sister keeps knocking her teeth out, and her parents constantly argue.

Anna endures the chaos by studying for the coming academy entrance trials. A pass will mean friends, warlock tournaments, and exploring a thousand-year-old academy—maybe even solving a mystery or two.

But when she discovers her father carries an ancient and powerful secret intended for only one daughter—a secret her sister will do anything to possess—Anna finds herself in a desperate fight for her family . . . and her very future.

* * *

Prodigy of Thunder is packed with powerful sorcery, fearless adventure, ancient mysteries, and tender betrayal. It can be read alone or as a prequel to Sever Bronny’s bestselling coming-of-age sagas The Arinthian Line series and the Fury of a Rising Dragon series.

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