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Lady Reaper


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Book Series Serving Magic
Genres Fantasy, Young Adult
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Mara’s magic has stopped working—at the worst possible time! With chasms opening in the streets and chaos in the lower realms, should Mara seek help from the king of the elves?

After rescuing thirty people, including Arnesto, from the dark fays, Mara’s physical injuries are healed—but her magic has never recovered—and her ensorcelled sword no longer responds to her touch.

Even worse, Mara’s heart is bruised by Arnesto’s long absences and rambling explanations.

Arnesto, however, has problems of his own. His brother’s spirit—along with many others in the lower realms—can’t cross over to the far shore, and Arnesto blames himself.

Mara must find a way to work with Arnesto despite their differences and misunderstandings. But can she gain admittance to the elven king, find a cure for her magic, and save both worlds—the living and the dead—before time runs out?

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