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Fade to Blue

Prequel to Monochrome


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Genres Fantasy
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Ishmael spirals into an angry cycle of drinking and sleeping through the day when his long time girlfriend calls it quits. Feeling vulnerable, he goes to the one person who always makes him feel loved. But when he visits his mother’s house, he realizes all is not well with her, either. Inside, his worst fears are realized. After his mother’s funeral, Ishmael can’t eat or drink anything apart from whiskey. He has no one to turn to, no friends to his name. He does have a razor so sharp it can split hairs and an ache so insatiable it’s eating him from the inside out. He heeds the razor’s call and wakes in Monochrome, where his nightmares become reality.

Fade to Blue is the anticipated prequel to the award-winning Monochrome.

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