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Morgan Saves for College


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It’s Morgan’s 9th birthday! She is so excited about her trip to Disney Land. Will she finally be tall enough to ride all the rides? Her mind races thinking of all the fun she’s going to have, but Granny has a surprise for her that is going to change everything!

Granny’s surprise brings Morgan great joy, but also presents her with a difficult dilemma. Morgan has to decide how to put Granny’s surprise to good use. In the end, Morgan makes a decision that will help change her future!

Hey Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Aunties, and Uncles are you looking for a creative way to introduce the young people in your life to the concept of investing and saving for things that matter rather than purchasing things they don’t need? As the costs associated with higher education continue to rise, pointing young people in the right direction as early as possible is key! Understanding the importance of financial freedom from an early age can help our youth avoid many of the pitfalls their parents fell into. Start the journey with Morgan as she’s introduced to the concepts of saving, earning interest, and more!

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