Tomeka L. Purcell

Award-winning Children's Author


About Tomeka L. Purcell

As an educator, entrepreneur, and financial coach, Tomeka Lynch Purcell is the quintessential triple-threat. She specializes in helping her clients establish financial goals, build wealth, and change the way they think about money. A nationally recognized financial empowerment coach, mentor, speaker and strategic planner with over 15 years of experience, Tomeka trains individual and collective clients on how to achieve personal and professional financial goals. Utilizing her extensive background in financial planning, corporate finance, and real estate, Tomeka turned her focus to the future generation with her children’s book, Morgan Saves for College.

Morgan Saves for College is the story of an adorable young girl that must decide what to do with the money she received for her birthday. Tomeka tackles the age-old topic of spending versus saving on a level that is easy for children to understand. Pouring her passion for financial literacy into a book that will not only entertain, but also inspire young readers, has opened the door for multi-generational learning opportunities. Both parents and children can benefit from Tomeka’s ability to teach complex financial concepts on a level the whole family can understand.


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