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The Blue Coyote

The Blue Coyote

Frannie and Larry Shoemaker love taking their grandchildren, Sabet and Joe, camping with them. But at Bluffs S...

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Saint Maggie

Saint Maggie
B.R.A.G Medallion Honeree

Book Description

Maggie, a widow with two teenage daughters, runs a rooming house smack dab on the town square.  In 1860, this makes her a social outcast – boarding houses are hardly respectable.  And her collection of eclectic boarders – a failed aging writer, an undertaker's apprentice, a struggling young lawyer, and an old Irishman – only brings her snubs and snide comments, as does her friendship with Emily and Nate, an African-American couple with whom she shares her home and chores.

So Maggie is stunned when she is asked to provide a room for Jeremiah Madison, the new and very gifted Methodist minister.  He may be able to revive the little church she attends and provide her boarding house with some badly-needed respectability.  But Jeremiah comes with secrets that will change Maggie, her friends, and her town forever.  This story of love, forgiveness, and faith is based on an historical event.