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Peggy Pinch, Policeman's Wife

Peggy Pinch, Policeman's Wife
B.R.A.G Medallion Honeree

Book Description

Peggy Pinch, unhappily married to the village policeman, must solve a murder to save her husband's job. It's 1926. In the shadow of the General Strike, a farmer's body is found on the local branchline. Scotland Yard's investigation threatens to uncover parish scandals and gossip that will discredit PC Pinch. Peggy has no doubt; she must catch the killer within a few days, or the couple will lose their home and be driven from the village where she has lived all her life. Malcolm Noble's Timberdick Mysteries have already gained a dedicated and enthusiastic following. Now, he presents the first enthralling episode in a new series of murder stories that will be relished by existing readers and delight new audiences.

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