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Sax and the Suburb


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Why is someone killing the community band geeks of Richland, Texas? Miranda Beeling would like to know, since she’s one of them. Law grad Miranda is trying to recover from the recent death of her mother and the betrayal of her fiance. She’s retreated back into her childhood home, living with her clutterholic father and working for an alcoholic attorney as a law clerk. Her only social outlet is playing saxophone in the local community band, which is a motley collection of aging and often cantankerous musicians. Miranda enjoys the pizza and beer bull sessions after rehearsals, when everyone enjoys dissing their despotic band director.

This all changes when trombonist David Hu is killed, and one of the other band members is accused of the murder. Motivated by concern for her friends and the sinking feeling that she might be next on the victim list, Miranda is driven to investigate the case. Armed with only her legal research skills, a keen sense of humor and a gift for getting into trouble, Miranda may eventually figure it all out, but not before uncovering several secrets she would rather not have known.

Sax and the Suburb won an Honorable Distinction Award in the A Woman’s Write Novel Contest (under the title Miranda Warning). The contest judges describe the book as “a quirky tale of murder, love gone wrong, and the hope of love going right.”

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