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Becoming Malka


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In pursuit of her Master’s degree in Imperial Russian History, 24 year-old Molly Abramovitz is heading to Moscow for a week long seminar. Never one to miss an opportunity for genealogical research; methodical and meticulous Molly plans a side trip to Ukraine. Intriguingly, her mother, Judith, evokes a favorite Yiddish proverb, ‘Man plans and God laughs.’

If Judith had her way, her daughter would still be dressing up in fairy wings and princess crowns- collecting wild flowers and connecting with her spiritual energy, but for Molly; making plans and compiling data came as second nature. She and her father had delighted in spending long, cozy, afternoons cuddled in the library studying ancient family history. David Abramovitz began recounting tales of great-grandparents trekking across Mother Russia when his daughter was still quite young. Captivated, Molly learned how her relatives boarded a ship and sailed across the ocean to reach the shores of Argentina.

Now, at last, Molly’s plans are coming to fruition. Her trek to her ancestral home leads her to an accidental discovery of a mythical tarot card. Will the life lessons revealed on this enchanted journey shake up her staid and uncomplicated life? Only time will tell.

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