Rob Davis

Award-winning Non-Fiction Author


About Rob Davis

Rob has helped to raise 6 beautiful children, is the grandfather of 9, great-grandfather of 2 (and counting), a brother, an uncle, colleague and friend. He is a singer/songwriter, cabaret performer, athlete, business man and philanthropist.

Rob has spent many years in the study of comparative religion, philosophy, metaphysics and science of mind. Some time ago, Rob began to write stories about people he knew, who illustrated certain concepts. Over the years the collection of tales grew, the concepts evolved and deepened, and What Goes Around Comes Around – A Guide To How Life REALLY Works is the result.

Rob is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Help For Children/Hedge Funds Care – – which supports the cause of preventing child abuse and providing clinical treatment to those who have been victimized. HFC has granted more than $55 million since inception, and has helped to change the lives of many thousands of children.

Testimonials to Rob Davis abound, and show why he is uniquely qualified to write What Goes Around Comes Around. He has been referred to as motivating, deep, genuine, bold, inspirational, a tremendous example of goodness, a real doozie! 🙂

* From the Board of Directors – The New York Center For Children – “We salute your tremendous vision and amazing commitment….Your work is touching the lives of thousands of children and families.”
* From Cynthia Scott, Executive Director -The Coalition for Child Abuse and Neglect – “Compassionate vision. Those are the words I associate with your name.”
* From The Coalition for Asian American Children and Families – “Your labor of love has touched the lives of thousands of Asian children and families, and your leadership has been an inspiration to us.”
* From Nancy Wackstein, Executive Director of United Neighborhood Houses – “You know, Rob, this is an issue that all decent people agree is worth fighting for. The difference is that you have gone beyond mere words to making this a life commitment.”

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