Michael Reidy

Award-winning Literary Fiction Author


About Michael Reidy

A deracinated New Englander, Michael Reidy has lived in the UK since 1974, with three years off for good behaviour.

After several years aboard an aircraft carrier as a military journalist for the Department of Defense attached to the Navy (a DINFOS-trained killer), he taught English for 15 years in the UK and USA. He then worked for a specialist PR and marketing consultancy for 25 years.

During this time, Reidy drafted several novels and numerous short stories – as well as writing three thousand press releases, features, interviews, advertisements and other collateral for his work.

While continuing PR and marketing work during semi-retirement, Reidy is publishing old and new novels and stories. He also writes articles on divers subjects for a number of websites. While his fiction draws on several main subjects and themes, his plots and settings vary widely, making it difficult to pigeon-hole his work, and making independent publishing the ideal platform.

He has published fourteen novels (including the BRAG Medallion-winning The Rock Pool and Lost Lady) and three volumes of short stories.