The Importance of Reading to Kids

 Importance of Reading to Kids

Reading is an activity loved by people of all ages, but the benefits of reading to children, particularly before the age of 5, are endless. Reading helps children to develop their confidence, strengthen family relationships, as well as improving their social and academic skills. Through different stories and characters, children are able to learn about the world, cultures and people. This improves their understanding of real-life situations, as well as their ability to communicate with different types of people. Children are generally little balls of energy, and reading every day also helps to channel their concentration skills. The social and educational benefits are never-ending, however, reading to your child can, surprisingly, benefit their future financially.

A study done by Lynn Fielding in her book, The 90% Reading Goal, suggests that reading to your child before they reach the age of 5 can have a significant impact on their lifetime earnings expectancy. The research is based off the notion that 77% of children who are able to read at a 2nd-8th grade level when they begin third grade will graduate high school. Contrastingly, only 27% of children who read at a level below this will graduate. Fielding suggests that if a family member takes the time to read to their child every day, then the child’s chance of having high 3rd grade reading skills increases. As a result, their chance of high school graduation increases accordingly.


She furthers this theory by concluding that “When that chance increases by 2/3rds, the child’s probable increased lifetime earnings increase by $220,000.” This study was conducted in 1998, so, by taking into account inflation, we can conclude that in 2018, those who graduate high school will earn, on average, $500,000 more in their lifetime than those who don’t graduate. Therefore, reading to your child for just 20 minutes a day before the age of 5 will increase their lifetime earnings by $100,000 for each one of those years.


Reading is an activity which yields immeasurable gifts to children. It’s educational, helps to develop empathy and communication skills, improves confidence and overall happiness, and encourages use of imagination. It can also make a huge difference to your child’s likelihood of being financially successful later in life. Reading to your child is not only a great way to bond, but it is an investment in their educational and financial futures.

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