IndieBRAG Cover Crush: Displacement by Anne Stormont

By Colleen Turner with A Literary Vacation



From the Scottish Hebrides to the Middle-East, Displacement is a soul-searching journey from grief to reclamation of self, and a love-story where romance and realism meet head-on.

Divorce, the death of her soldier son and estrangement from her daughter, leave Hebridean crofter, Rachel Campbell, grief-stricken, lonely and lost.

Forced retirement leaves former Edinburgh policeman Jack Baxter needing to find a new direction for his life.

When Rachel meets Jack in dramatic circumstances on a wild winter’s night on the island of Skye, a friendship develops, despite very different personalities. Gradually their feelings for each other go beyond friendship. Something neither of them feels able to admit. And it seems unlikely they’ll get the chance to because Rachel is due to leave for several months to visit family in Israel – where she aims to re-root and reroute her life.

Set against the contrasting and dramatic backdrops of the Scottish island of Skye and the contested country of Israel-Palestine, Displacement is a story of life-affirming courage and love.

Thoughts on the cover

My thoughts on the cover keep circling around to adventure, danger, and upheaval. With the compass so prominent my first assumption was that travel and/or direction must be important to the story, and the violent waves made me think it must either take place on the sea or near to it. I love the fluidity to the cover image and the promise of action and excitement. You just know something exhilarating is bound to happen!

My initial rating based on cover: 4.0/5.0

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  1. Kathleen Kelly says:

    I like the sound of this book!

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