Happy Thanksgiving to the indieBRAG Family!


Dear friends

I am so pleased to have this opportunity to express my thanks to all of you who share in the life of indieBRAG—those I work with and the authors and the readers I work for.

Books and reading have been a great gift to me and have made my life better.  Those who know me know that I am a history fanatic!  I love non-fiction (Hamilton!), historical fiction and, yes my weakness, historical romance.  In the very beginning of indieBRAG, before we had the over 250 readers around the world, I needed to be a reader for any number of books that most often weren’t historical in nature. I have read paranormal, steampunk (which I had never heard of), thrillers and mysteries—probably every genre—and I fell in love with a whole new world of books. My horizons have been broadened and my life enriched.

I am thankful that authors and readers alike have embraced the need that indieBRAG provides.  I think we are doing a great job in shining a light on books that deserve it and we are working hard to find new ways to help in this endeavor.

Every day I “chat” with my many author and reader friends.  They share their joys and their sorrows and allow me to share mine.  I have learned about their families and their travels.  I have even had the great good fortune to meet some of these treasured friends in person.

Who could possibly have a better job than I do—spending every day surrounded by books and chatting with my many friends all around the world?

I do not take your trust and friendship lightly—it means a great deal to me and I am pleased to I have this opportunity to tell you how very thankful I am.

Thanksgiving here in the United States is a pretty big deal—a major holiday and my favorite.  It is a time centered around family and, of course, great food!  It is not every year that our far-flung family can gather for this special time but they are always at the table in my heart.

You can be sure that on November 24th Bob and I will be giving thanks for all of you and looking forward to the future sharing your wonderful books with the world.



Our Thanksgiving feast:


 Carrot Soup


Chestnut Stuffing

Sweet Potatoes

Creamed Onions

Corn Pudding


Mashed Potatoes



Pumpkin Bread Pudding


3 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving to the indieBRAG Family!”

  1. Martha A Kennedy says:

    Beautiful post, Geri. I’m grateful for IndieBRAG; it’s very near the top of my list with friends, the Colorado mountains, my dogs, and writing itself. I’m so happy that all three of my books made it through the critiquing process and now wear the BRAG Medallion. Being an indie author is often discouraging, especially when books not as well-written or interesting as some indie-authored books are accepted by conventional publishers. You provide a great service to readers and writers alike, and I’m grateful.

  2. Pauline Barclay says:

    Wonderful post and I feel more than honoured to have received and indie BRAG award for one of my books. Thank you so much and have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family.

  3. Michael Jay says:

    Thank you for this, Geri. Great post. Michael Jay, Author of DOG WATER FREE…and a brand spanking new grand dad on Nov 20th…A perfect Thanksgiving for me. All best to you and yours…and thank you for IndieBrag.

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