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Southern Cross


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Southern Cross is the story of a young man wrestling with the tough choices and challenges confronting him as he enters adulthood. It’s a story about life’s biggest questions, which must be answered by everyone seeking to find meaning and purpose in life.

The story is an autobiographical account told by Leo Solstrom as he graduates from college, considers his future, and sets off to find his lost love, Esther. His journey takes him on an adventure far from home – to the big city of Chicago, the sandy shores of Southern California, and then all the way across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand, where Esther lives. When he finally gets there, he discovers that Esther’s life has collapsed in on itself and completely fallen apart. As the story unfolds, Leo must decide whether or not to confront some dark and difficult obstacles in order to rescue the love of his life. With the help of family, friends, and even a few complete strangers, the two lovers struggle to rekindle their relationship and find direction in life.

Leo’s journey to save Esther echoes the same one taken by Jason and the Argonauts long ago. Along the way, he and his companions are met by one giant obstacle after another. As Leo follows his heart to save Esther, he is guided by the mystical clues hidden in the stars and constellations high above. Thanks to Esther’s love for astronomy, the starry skies weave their way into the story in all sorts of amazing and fantastical ways. As Leo and Esther rekindle their love, their adventures in the beautiful island paradise of New Zealand lead to a deeper understanding of true friendship, young love, forgiveness, and the need to let go in order to find new life.

Southern Cross is the sequel to Solstrom’s novel entitled Northern Lights. It is a continuation of the account of his life as a young man graduating from college and looking for direction in life. It’s about the confusing choices, difficult challenges, and seemingly immovable obstacles that confront everyone entering adulthood. There are decisions to be made, lessons to be learned, and even some things that need to be left behind. Life is not an easy road to travel, but it is a journey full of exciting adventures and endless possibilities. At least, it can be, if you choose to view it that way. Yeah, there’s always more to life – always.

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