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Northern Lights


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Genres Young Adult
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When a college student from Iowa gets his dream job at a wilderness adventure camp in Northern Minnesota, he sets out on a journey that takes him far away from everything he’s ever known. As he wrestles with the challenges of being an inexperienced guide in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, his two best friends end up being people he never would have expected: a rough and tumble girl from Chicago and a foreign exchange student from New Zealand.

When the three friends paddle away on a trip that takes them deep into the North Woods, their adventure leads to a host of unexpected surprises, personal challenges, and delicious awakenings. As they explore the beautiful lakes and forbidding forests, they share intense joys, simple pleasures, and unforgettable experiences that teach them about true friendship, young love, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Wrapped up in the mysteries of the stars and constellations high above, their time together on the lakes overflows with warm characters, earthy humor, and honest dialogue that will make you think about the more important things in life. Northern Lights will capture you in its brilliant starry web, embrace you for a season, and then release you to freely dream of the possibilities in your own life and the lives of those you love.

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