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Yellow Death


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Because the war on drugs is not going well, the DEA initiates a secret project mixing a lethal Venezuelan hepatitis virus into heroin, rationalizing that a few deaths from a new type of hepatitis will deter drug abuse in many. When Dr. Kris Jensen, a medical detective with the CDC’s Hepatitis Division, arrives in Mississippi to investigate rapidly fatal hepatitis in two drug users, she doesn’t expect to become a victim. Two days after an accidental needlestick, she realizes that she is now infected with this unknown lethal virus and has only five days left to find answers to its origin. Jensen’s investigation takes her into the depths of a web of drug use and revenge murders, tracked by assassins who are determined to keep her from finding the truth.

“Yellow Death” was the winner in the Best Medical Thriller category of the 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards. It was a finalist in the Best Thriller category of the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and it was the winner in the Best Medical Thriller category of the 2017 Independent Press Awards.

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