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Where Loyalties Lie

A gripping and addictive psychological thriller


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Book Series Aoife Walsh Thriller series
Genres Thriller
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When Oran falls to his death from the Cliffs of Moher, his friends believe it was an accident. One witness is convinced it was murder.

The police accept the account of Oran’s friends, but the witness will not be silenced.

Why is a stranger accusing Ben Weston of murder when his friends are convinced they witnessed an accident? Why would Ben kill his childhood friend? Plagued by sensationalist tabloid stories, Ben’s wealthy family need to clear his name.

Part time freelance reporter, Aoife Walsh, is coping with a dead-end office job and a lecherous boss when the Weston family hires her to help prove their son’s innocence. As someone who’s had a relative accused of murder, Aoife can empathise with the Westons’ situation.

Aoife’s investigation sees ex-lovers and innocents, busybodies and frenemies crawl out of the woodwork. It’s no surprise that their stories aren’t lining up perfectly. But who is lying?

Aoife’s relentless pursuit of answers will put her in jeopardy— leaving her life, and the truth, hanging in the balance.

Where Loyalties Lie is Book 4 in the Aoife Walsh Thriller Series. All four books are standalone thrillers and can be read in any order.

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