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The Silence of Children


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‘I didn’t set out to be any kind of heroine. I have no special skills, and no driving need to save the world. But when someone asked me for help, it became personal, and things kind of escalated from there. It’s how things always start, isn’t it? When something comes at you, out of the blue, you think, ‘Hey, that’s not right! Someone should do something.’ But what if that someone is you? Ever thought about that? I didn’t, until now.’

When Deirdre investigates an old crime – a baby snatched from a hospital several years previously, she opens doors to a social issue she can’t ignore. A huge issue, in fact. There are so many children crying out for help, it’s enough to make you weep. And so many bad guys out there making it happen, it makes you want to kill someone. Maybe it’s time someone did just that…

“The Silence of Children” is a great read, and once it drew me in, I couldn’t put it down until the end. The story became riveting and I read it almost in one sitting. Like all good books it also left me wanting more, and I hope you will continue the storyline later so we discover what happens to the main characters and the remaining protagonists. Overall a great read that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in a great story that could so easily, though hopefully never, be based on fact.”
“This is one super good book. The characters are great and it’s a straightforward, intensely moving plot. I enjoyed reading it, though it made me quite sad at times. That being said, this is a must-read book, and the big twist at the end, which took me by surprise, was excellent.”

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