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The Other Side


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Lauren is in a cell. She knows she shouldn’t be there.

When Lauren and Rick are left an allotment they embark on an exciting lifestyle change that they hope will bring their step-family closer together. They embrace the chance for a slice of the good life, fresh air and family times together. Lauren and Rick are a loving, sexy couple, but this is their second time around, and they have never completely left their pasts behind them. For Lauren it’s the gut wrenching affair that her first husband had before he left her. For Rick it’s the loss of his beloved children he was alienated from and forced to leave behind seven years ago.

One day a new family move into a cottage behind the allotment. That day changes everything. That day they start falling apart. And as they start to crumble, one of them is pushed to the edge.

The Other Side is a cross genre contemporary novel, guaranteed to have readers turning pages as the characters deal with their inner torment, hiding their true feelings to preserve themselves and their relationships. A thrilling family drama about life issues of love, divorce, step parenting and alienation built around a sunny allotment outside a small town just down the road from you!

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