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Inspired by a true story, Entrapped is a novel about three people who must discover how much they’ll risk to keep what they have . . .

Liv Gardner, an ambitious young executive at Falcon Oil and fiancée of its owner, faces a sabotage crisis. She thinks she will do anything to preserve what she has worked so hard to achieve, no matter the cost.

Tom Wainwright, maverick farmer turned saboteur. Convinced that Liv’s “sour” gas wells killed his wife, he is out to destroy Falcon Oil.

Mickey Havelock, the charismatic oilman engaged to marry Liv. He won’t let anything, including murder, stop his plan to reap the wealth from Spirit Creek’s oil and gas.

Spirit Creek, a small town in Alberta, Canada, anxious to keep the oilfield jobs that are its lifeblood, is stunned by fear when one of its own is murdered . . .

“Kyle has peopled a landscape of smoke and poison and vast natural beauty with a cast of vivid characters…many jolts and twists and turns that will leave no one unsatisfied.” Giles Blunt, bestselling author of Crime Machine

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