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Revolution Earth


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(Lambert Nagle is in fact the pen name for co-authors Alison Ripley Cubitt and Sean Cubitt)

Stephen Connor, trainee Metropolitan Police detective is first on the scene when a cyclist is killed in a seemingly ordinary hit-and-run.

Just another tragedy on a London street?

Nothing seems to trouble the killer, Big Oil PR guru Greg Palmer – who treats the incident as a minor inconvenience. He is confronted by the dead girl’s soulmate, Cara, whose heart breaks as she witnesses the injustice of a system that allows the killer to walk free. When she flees halfway across the world to confront Palmer, Stephen is one step behind.

Can Stephen protect Cara from a group of charismatic eco-terrorists, who try to lure her in?

Palmer thrives on burying bad news and there’s no dirtier business than an oil company trying to hide a major environmental disaster.

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