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Raven One


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Lieutenant Commander Jim Wilson, a fighter pilot aboard the carrier USS Valley Forge, is returning again to the war-torn Persian Gulf. As each passing minute draws him closer to combat over the skies of Iraq, various other conflicts also complicate his life. His executive officer Commander “Saint” Patrick becomes unreasonably overbearing; his wife Mary, fed-up with their long separations, applies pressure for him to resign from the Navy; junior officers test his leadership skills as they act in unpredictable ways. Imminent combat with the inhospitable and hostile countries over the Arabian Gulf horizon is the one constant he can depend on, foreshadowing events that will forever change his life and career.

Raven One places you with Wilson in the cockpit of a carrier-based FA-18 Hornet…and in the ready rooms and bunkrooms of men and women who struggle with their fears and uncertainty in this new way of war. They must all survive a Middle East deployment that takes a sudden and unexpected turn when Washington orders Valley Forge to respond to a crisis no one saw coming. The world watches – and holds its breath.

Kevin Miller’s first novel is filled with flying action and adventure – and also examines the actions of imperfect humans as they follow their own agendas in a disciplined world of unrelenting pressure and danger.

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