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Sam was laid off from the NSA just as she had a breakthrough on a strange case she was assigned regarding the disappearance of four hikers. This twist of fate comes with a silver lining: a new job opportunity as a field agent with a well-known government contracting firm, The Baxter Group; a role that would allow her to continue her work on the case of the missing hikers. Being a field agent is her dream job—the job she’s spent years grooming herself for—but she must prove herself first in an extensive training environment.

Benjamin Baxter, the Director of Field Operations at The Baxter Group, was a field operative for nine years until his grandfather, John Baxter—the founder and CEO of The Baxter Group—pulled him out of the field and put him in the Director role. Ben resents this new role and craves being in the field again. When the profile for a field operative trainee, Evangeline Grace Sampierre (Sam), comes across his desk, he balks at her lack of experience, but through her finds a way back into the field.

Sam—focused, headstrong, and a recovering social recluse—needs to earn the respect of her would-be boss, Benjamin Baxter. But her stubborn need to always be in control and self-reliant plagues her. She is determined to solve the case of the missing hikers, but can she do it on her own?

Ben—smart, handsome, but painfully aloof—has to navigate his new role as a leader while satisfying his need to be in the field. Will Ben give Sam a chance to prove herself?

Sam and Ben—two people from two different worlds—collide unexpectedly under a shared purpose at Hampton National Forest. What will they learn? How will they grow and change? And to what lengths are they willing to go to get what they want?

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