Astrid Aurelius

Award-winning Romance Author


About Astrid Aurelius

“I have been writing casually for years and first discovered a love of writing my senior year in high school. When I went to college, I continued writing in English classes required by my degree plan, which I enjoyed, but opted to major in Accounting because, you know, Accountants have stable careers. I eventually became a CPA…and taught myself how to drink whiskey–those two things *might* be related.
My writing style is pretty conversational; I don’t take myself too seriously. I enjoy writing about things I know like hiking, drinking wine, and being socially awkward. I prefer to write long-hand and type it up later and have been known to write in the bathtub with a full glass of wine handy. 
I live in Round Rock, Texas with my husband, two kids (soon to be three!), and two geriatric pups.”

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