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Operation Exodus


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Genres Thriller
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Six kidnapped American missionaries become the unwitting pawns of the Iranian government’s efforts to embarrass the sitting U.S. president, and ruin his reelection chances in the upcoming election. Colonel Salehrad of SAVAC, the Iranian Intelligence Service, is tasked with brainwashing the missionaries, and making them believe, and confess, that they are actually CIA spies. To foil any rescue attempt, the six are whisked away to an ancient and remote prison fortress in southeast Iran. Working with Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, the prisoners are located, and the president orders a rescue mission. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jake Lawlor, grandson of the legendary WWII submarine commander, is selected to head the hastily-organized mission. And so a race against time begins – can Jake and his SEAL team extract the missionaries from SAVAC’s torture chambers before Colonel Salehrad convinces them that they actually are spies? Join Jake and his team as they are inserted by submarine into unfriendly territory, and embark on a rescue mission, which, of course, could never really have come off as planned. Here is a tale with enough twists and turns to keep readers turning the pages.

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