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Remember Us


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“The Vessel? It must’ve been sent from God. It’s the answer, the key to the peace I seek. Something to save or damn us.” – The Father, leader of the Twilight Cult
Remember Us is a thrilling journey through a post-apocalyptic world where every decision could lead to freedom or ruin, perfect for fans of The Road and Station Eleven.

Meet Simon, a former revolutionary from the space station Arcadis, now a reluctant Earthling in a world stitching itself back together with a blend of Wild West grit and forgotten technology. A haunting dream and a sky-shattering explosion propel him on a quest to uncover the fate of his old home, Arcadis, now a fallen star burning in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Joined by Anna, a tough-as-nails wastelander and ex-soldier, Simon treks through a world where mysticism meets machinery. They race against the Twilight Cult and their enigmatic leader, The Father, who are convinced that the fallen meteorite is a divine vessel sent by God. The stakes are colossal as they journey through unforgiving landscapes and crumbling cities. Throughout it all, Simon finds himself navigating through a journey full of shamanistic visions and ancient monsters.

If Simon is correct, the Arcadis’ technology will enable the Twilight cult to release a new age of tyranny upon the world. The countdown to oppression or salvation has begun.

Take advantage of this heart-stopping adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. Grab your copy and plunge into the great unknown.

“From start to finish, this novel moves along with intention and creativity, immersing readers further into a story of one potential future that is masterfully dark, grim, and addictive.” – Self-Publishing Review

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