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In the year 2183, climate change ravages Earth, a man-made plague has forced millions into segregated camps, and the hope of expanding to a new world has withered from fear of another alien attack.

At the age of ten, Daniel Walker witnessed first contact. The event left him orphaned, traumatized and reluctantly famous as the sole survivor. Driven to carry on the work of his parents, he puts his fame to use with the help of the woman he loves, and gains the financial and political support needed to colonize a new world. Unfortunately, in the process, he turns a potential ally, Cadmon Dhyre, into a determined foe.

Cadmon Dhyre was also orphaned early, but the consequences for him were vastly different. Instead of famous and admired, he is shunned and despised for the disease he inherited—the disfiguring man-made ‘Toad’ virus. Confined to a camp along with millions of others similarly afflicted, Cadmon survives by his own wits and educates himself, becoming a renowned nanotechnologist. His one goal is to find a cure. Thwarted in his ambition by rival Daniel, Cadmon defies the safety restrictions on nano-genetic research and becomes increasingly ruthless.

To reach the new world, Daniel is prepared to face the aliens again, but never anticipates that the far greater threat will come from the work of an unscrupulous nano-technologist.

This science fiction novel will appeal to those who enjoy an epic adventure, multilayered characters and surprising plot twists.

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