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Captain Thomas Holbrook has agonized over the thought of someday drawing a one-way mission. When he receives orders to divert his CentCom warship to the center of the galaxy, a region from which no vessel has ever returned, he comes face to face with his greatest fear.

It’s the year 2330. The “aughts,” robots that warred for independence from mankind, seek insurance against the ever-present human threat. An aught ship speeds to the galactic center for material to build a weapon that could destroy the Earth.

Holbrook can’t allow the aughts to create a planet-killing bomb. He enlists the help of Dr. Rebekah Riesen, a brilliant physicist with her own reasons for joining a mission that may not return, and Tentek, an aught informant who might be a double agent. Together, can they keep a mutinous crew at bay, stop the aughts at the center of the galaxy, and somehow find a way back home?

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