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True Colours


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Could you ever trust again the man who broke your heart?

Kate Fenton thought she’d got the answer to that question all neatly sewn up. Ever since she went to Saul Preston’s London art gallery, a month before their wedding, and found him with his assistant – who looked as if she was in the middle of a game of strip poker.

Three years later, she’s no longer so sure. Saul’s back in her life with a new proposition – to accompany him on a trip to Majorca as his interpreter. It’s an offer Kate can’t refuse, even though she knows she should. Successful and rich, he’s just the sort of client her translation company is trying to attract – even if he is her two-timing ex!

Saul’s never gone in for second chances. He’s never had the time, but he knows exactly what he’s doing when he suggests the trip to Kate. As gorgeous and infuriatingly easy to fall for as ever, he’s determined to rekindle their past. And he’s only got three days to do it…

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