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Author Roberta R. Carr introduced Lilia Bennett-Parker and Matthew Campbell in her previous book, The Bennett Women. The two grew up together, gradually confronting their true feelings for one another. They’re now deeply in love, but will their relationship last?

Although Matt is ready for marriage, Lilia, a brilliant cellist, is not. Instead, she accepts an opportunity to move to California and work in a symphony orchestra that is recording the music of Eduardo Santana, a famous composer. Matt wants to support Lilia as she follows her dreams, but his job’s in Pennsylvania, and he can’t follow her.

While Lilia helps a new friend through her pregnancy and becomes inspired by the suave and intense Eduardo, Matt struggles with his personal and professional obligations. Matt’s partners don’t understand why he isn’t more excited about the direction their educational software company is taking. Meanwhile, Matt’s family depends on him for nearly everything. Matt feels like he is trapped in his old hometown while Lilia flourishes in the West.

As Lilia’s new friendships increasingly consume her time and attention, Matt discovers a fresh perspective and sense of purpose after traveling to Belize. Will the new directions they’re taking keep them apart or somehow lead them back to each other’s arms?

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